Import . world file

Hi, is there a how to or something else that explains how I may import a Terrain / World into jme?

I made a mini map with the radakan worldTool ant wanted to test ist.

Thanks ^^

i think you can export it as a .obj model right?

In jme you can use the ModelLoader class to load it and attach it to the scene.

Ok so JME is using .obj files as terrain files.

Am i right?

i think this feature is'n aviable yet…or I have the old version

Ok so JME is using .obj files as terrain files.

not specific, but you can use the obj files as terrain, like any other model type

Ok thank you.

In WorldTool there

test the programm:

EarthSculptor (google it, or find the link in the jme wiki rescource pages):

it is free and can export to .obj

but it can also export Heighmap Images which is very well supported by jme (if you think of funktion getHeight for example)

You can't import .world file… It's full of editor metadata and it's binary. As Radakan is open source (including the editor) you can just write an exporter for your game. Obj or jme exporting would be useless as the splatting information would be lost. There will be a tile manager class available which would support splatting and infinite world, so you should use that when it becomes available (it's WIP at this point).