Importing Blender Models and Working With Collisions

I am a JME noob and I’ve been having some trouble understanding how to work with importing 3D models into a JME project.

All the tutorials and/or explanations I’ve found on how to use the OgreXML exporter in Blender are dated pre-Blender 2.5 and thus, at least from I can tell, are obsolete. The directories they speak of don’t exist on my file system (I am using Blender 2.59).

So, question one:

Could someone inform me on how to use the Tools → Install Blender OgreXML option with the Blender 2.59 directories?

If this is unsupported, or if I’m missing a tutorial that is blatantly available on this website, please let me know/link me to it respectively.

Secondly, once you import a model, how do you do you detect collisions with it? More specifically, if it was one big scene you made in Blender, how would you detect collisions with individual objects within the scene? Is this even possible? Or do you have to import each object individually?

Again, if I have missed a tutorial already written that answers any of my questions, feel free to link me to it. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


  • To use the tutorial assets you need to have Jme-Testdata in your class path.
  • I haven’t used the “Tools –> Install Blender OgreXML” so idk sorry

  • To detect Collisions:

  • If you have a big scene, and it is made of multiple objects, you can select the child spatial and assign collision detection to it separately.

@wezrule Thanks for your help.

Do you know of any other ways to import Blender models into a JME project?

With recent nightly builds, you can load Blender models directly into jME:

In the future, this will probably mean that jMP will be able to convert .blend files to .j3o directly.

Yeah, just install “Blender Support”, it works already.