Importing textured .obj - following tutorial

try using resourceLocatorTool.

something like this

ResourceLocatorTool.addLocatorTool(new SimpleResourceLocatorTool(Type_Texture, url));

the url points to ur texture directory

hmm, just tried:

ResourceLocatorTool.addResourceLocator(   ResourceLocatorTool.TYPE_TEXTURE, new SimpleResourceLocator(texture));

but that didn't help... I've tried opening the .obj or .mtl to find any clue - Shouldn't at least one of them mention the texture name?
I've not found my texture name in it... :/


gah, tried again with different texture, etc. can't tell what I made in a different fashion, but now the .mtl file states a texture name matching the one I used in Blender. Wiiihi, import works too btw.

I'll try again tomorrow with a rested brain because I think the problem was (is?) between the screen and the chair (and it's not the keyboard if u see what I mean)…

more to come :smiley: