Increase brightness of texture? -- Multitexturing?

Hi all,

just a basic question. Is there a direct way to in/decrease the brightness and/or contrast of a already loaded texture?

thanks in advance


Well, you can use materials or combine two textures using multitexture, but directly mod the texture brighter/darker… not that I know of.  Unless you count render to texture, texture data is final I believe.  (I'm likely forgetting something though.)

Ok, so I tried to mix a texture with RGB + Alpha with a simply white texture. But I dont know how to combine the textures in the right way. So my question is about mixing these textures to have finally a map which uses the alpha channel of texture 1 and have a rgb of texture 1 and a custom amount of the texture 2 rgb value to have a custom brightness.

The pasted code adds the two textures but ignores the alpha. Furthermore I dont know how to change the amount of the added texture 2 rgb.

Could anyone help to solve this problem?

      Texture t1 = TextureManager.loadTexture(