Infinit Springs


I am new to jme-physics/2 and have the following situation:

I try to join two spheres with a spring. One of the sphere rests on a platform (so it cant fall) and the ohter sphere schould be hanging on the first one with a spring. I use a translational joint to couple them, but the second sphere always falls to infinity. Even if i set the Spring-Constant and the damping coefficient manually.

Shouldn't the force of a spring increase with distance and the sooner or later be equal (or greater than) gravity and therefor making the sphere stop at some point?

What am i getting wrong here?

If i set a maximum length for the joint, that would of course stop the sphere, but this would have nothing to do with "physics".

Please enlighten me  :slight_smile:

To model a simple spring you'd add no axes at all to your joint. Or you might want to add three rotational axes if you want to allow rotation. But you normally would not add translational axes.

Hi irrisor!

I simply got the idea of translational axis wrong. Now it works perfect and it looks so cool