Infinite collision detection

Hello all, I have a trouble!

When I add a GhostControl to any spatial, I can detect any collision and that is right but, if I remove the spatial from root node, then the collision is detected equally, Why??

Because its still in the physics space?

But if I remove the spatial from the rootNode, I suppose the GhostControl should be removed from the physics space as does rigidBodyControl

Why would you then have to add it first?

Sorry, I don’t understand you. If I want to use a ghost control, is necesary add it to some spatial or not?

Normally you do that yes, and then, to get collisions, you do what? Its not necessary to add the control to a spatial as well as not to add it to a physics space.

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before all that, I added a PhysicsCollisionListener to the physics space, then it detect all collisions, including the ghostcontrol collisions.

Then, I remove the spatial that is attached to the ghostControl and I hope no more ghostcontrol collisions occur, but that is not so

:brainsout: …remove it from the physics space.

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Lol, ok ok I understand, this is independent of any spatial then It must be added or removed from the physics space explicity… XD

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: