inputManager.getMapping() not available for user events assignement


I am implementing a key binding screen and I realized there was only a hasMapping() function
but no getMapping() to list already binded triggers to a mapping
cos I want to display previous mapped triggers in the ui


any workaround for this ?

Keep a list?

well, obviously… but if it is already stored internaly, why not making it available
I promise I wont abuse the data
ha ha ha

With this attitude you’ll run into such issues all the time. Its a common mistake to try and make a library work like you want your app to work. People end up modifying the source of libraries and making their own builds when they could simply do things like keep their own lists etc.

dude, I am actualy doing what you suggest, just relax
my suggestion is not that bad, just saying, that’s all :slight_smile:
just check the input manager code, you’ll see what I mean

If I get more relaxed I’ll have to wipe the floor… Just giving some advice.