Introductory information at the beginning

Hi everyone,

Every game has introductory information before everything, it’s when they show the logo of the engine or the developer, for example

(WB Games and NetherRealm studios).

Or in “Battlefiled Bad Company 2” when they say “EA Games” and “Frostbyte”.

Is there a way to do that with jME? I mean, is there a method that we can call that runs a video file, or we have to extend some class, or something like that?

Thank you.


If I were going to do it, (and I am, just not yet! :p) I would probably take a look at NiftyGUI. Basically, you’d just want the game to startup and go through the slideshow of logos with fade-in/fade-out transitions or whatever sort of transitions you would like. If they’re nothing more than static images, this should be easy enough. As far as little animated logos (the fun ones that get skipped anyway cause they take too damn long :p), I’m not sure how you’d go about playing a movie file on a nifty screen.

But again, for the static logos, I’d probably just have the game startup with an appState that handles this sort of thing and then transitions to another state that has the main menu. The only reason I’d think about separating the two is so that I don’t have to think about having to ‘not show’ the intro logos everytime I want to head back to the menus from the game.

Rambling, rambling, speculating, speculating :stuck_out_tongue: