Invisible from behind, visible from the front

Hi, i was thinking:" damn, this pong game i did is just trash… even being orignial since it's 3D, i can't realy see where the damn ball is, if i knew how to put the camera outside the pong box and still be able to see what's happening outside… and being able to see the other walls at the same time… that would be neat!"

the game works like: there is a box with no bottom, below it there is the nothingnesssss… so if a ball falls there you fail!

since it's a box, i can't simply put the camera outside, or i will not see a damn thing and the ball will eventualy fall, but if i put the camera inside, i lose a lot of viewrange!

any ideas?

Put a cullstate that culls the front faces of the box?


did not knew about this thing, tomorrow i gonna see how to do it, thx for the light ;D