Invisible Menu Font Issue w/JMonkeyplatform IDE (Linux Mint 17.3)

The font for a selected item in a right click context menu is showing up white… and so is the selected item’s background color (making it unreadable until I mouse-over). Before I start looking for an OS-level workaround (is that the cause?), is anyone else seeing this?

(project right click)->Set Configuration and File->Project Group are two examples where this is happening (only for the SELECTED item in those menus - I only see the selection bullet with no text). I’ve tried changing the Netbeans theme but plugins of any kind aren’t installing at all (is it expected behavior for plug-ins not to work?).

Unfortunately I couldn’t easily get a screenshot because something is preventing the usual printscreen method from working when Netbeans is focused (of course when you change focus, the menu closes!) There doesn’t seem to be a known issue for the font color on jme’s github.

BTW - Other than these issues, as a long time Eclipse user, it’s seriously making me think that I should jump ship to NB in general… it has come a long way. It was hard to resist all the awesome JME stuff in the platform IDE/SDK, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed by NB and JME platform.

You actually are the first and only one to say this :stuck_out_tongue: Especially the NB part.
Those font issues are hard to debug/understand without a screenshot, there was an x11 console command which triggered a screenshot after x seconds (with a parameter), so that might help.

Nevertheless you can try changing the theme to something default instead of our own Theme or search the forums for Dark Monkey, there is an article about how to change specific colours (would help us even more!) or at least the DarkMonkey-Theme (The Theme of the Theme). I don’t have the time to find the link for your though.

The Plugins inside the SDK: The Netbeans ones should work fine, only the JME ones haven’t been entirely ported to 3.1 and we have some server problems preventing us from pushing updates as well.

Found it!

Do i get a cookie now?

Well, give me a little more time, I’ve just started with it and maybe my excitement was premature. :stuck_out_tongue: haha Over a decade of Eclipse might be tough to break in the long run. (Also if you’ve never been to a JavaOne conference, many presenters there are NB/NB Platform extremists, which was interesting.)

But even so, having a tool like this–as part of an OSS project–it’s pretty cool even with some flaws. I’m used to SDKs where everything is 3rd party.

Do many around here use Linux, or is that kindof a niche here? I’ll have to see if I can get that dark theme working, the fact that I can’t seem to get plugins to install is getting concerning.

And, you can have your cookie if you can get it away from this guy:

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Simple solution, Mint has a built-in screenshot app with a delay timer. Here’s two examples of what I’m seeing.

BTW, if anyone has any idea why I’m seeing validation errors in that shader (all of them are saying “IDENTIFIER expected”, but they work fine), it’d be good to know. (Well actually, I think I know why, but I’ll let someone confirm.)

The green row in the context menus are where the mouse cursor was hovering. Hovering over the blank lines of course makes the text visible, since it’s white.

That is using the netbeans default Theme and interfering with mint it seems.

Try to Use DarkMonkey (or are you still on 3.0?)

Uhhhermm… still on 3.0? Yeah… you mean there’s a newer version?

Geez, what the heck did I do, did I download from an old link last weekend?

I got the Linux 64 bit download here:

Well there is an 3.1-xbuf out which would technically be stable already however the engine stopped releasing due to technical reasons.

3.1 is atleast worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:

Giving that beta a try now. Y’all need beta testers anyway, right? Hopefully the un/re-install will work smoothly.

Well the new theme in 3.1 definitely resolves that issue, and overall looks a little nicer. But I’m going to need to figure out how to tweak some colors I guess, the problem with non-default themes in every IDE ever made always seems to be that readability becomes an issue.

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