Ios support?

What is the state of ios support? Anyone using it?
I am currently looking into adding glBindVertexArray, glDeleteVertexArrays and glGenVertexArrays to our GL ES 3.0 backend, and while looking into ios docs to see if they were supported, i’ve noticed that they deprecated GL ES support on their devices entirely, in favor of metal.

Not using iOS but regarding deprecation, if it helps, seems ANGLE has completed implementing OpenGL ES (3.0) to the Metal backend on iOS. So even if they remove OpenGL ES in the future it will still be possible to use it with the help of ANGLE.


I noticed the iOS support was removed from the SDK back in 2021!

Following the referred issue Prepare a Graal-based iOS AOT Compilation · Issue #1611 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub i get that graal was the proposed alternative to run jme, but what about gl bindings?