Is bullet native or pure Java in JME3?


I’m a bit confused about bullet in JME3. I noticed the jbullet.jar (Java port I believe ) and a jme3-bullet-natives.jar.

So is the version used a Java port or JNI bindings to the “real” C++ lib ? And in that case, what version is being used ?

Its both, the native version is working but still has some known issues. The binaries in the distro are probably 2.83-ish, we don’t track that yet really because of the beta state. Just use either the jme3-jbullet.jar or jme3-bullet.jar including the accompanying jar files for each (see wiki). The API you use stays the same.

Edit: For Android native is always used, even if you use the java version for desktop because the java version is butt slow on Android as the developer tried to outsmart the Java VM :wink:

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If its 2.8 it close to the newest version ! Nice and thanks !