Is it ilegal to creat a game from a tv series story?

I am curious to know about copyright issue to make the story of my game from a tv series .
I also wanted to use some part of video clips inside my game.
I will mention the name of director , writer and casts in my game.
the game will be paid one.

Totally, yes. The material, the story, the names, basically everything about a series is under copyright.


sorry …

wat? I just said its illegal.

sorry . i thought you mean I can.

I think it’s illegal to use copyrighted material WITHOUT PERMISSION. However, you might ask the copyright holders…

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Some time ago the Nintendo company seemed to permit anyone who wanted to make a game about pokemons. So it’s ok to ask for such permission, it cost nothing :wink:

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Actually the idea is to make my game based on a periodic Korean drama named " The night watchman ".
The story is so so so great.
Unfortunately I could not find contact info of writer or director . I send an email to policy group of MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) network which this drama went on air in 2014 to ask for permission.
I also send an email to Arirang World (Kora’s international network) .
I am waiting for their response. If there is any Korean in JME forum , please help me . :kr:
I hope they accept. it is also good for them because I am trying to make K-drama popular among gamers .(maybe this become a popular industry like K-pop and call it K-drama game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

…you do not want to go there… :slight_smile:

It is my wish to go there.
but who has the money? :airplane:

That’s always the argument of people wanting to use a copyrighted idea/material/etc…
But you’re not considering how they will see the situation.
Let’s say you’re the author of a book, that is very successful already. Someone, which obviously is not a professional contacts you and say : “Your book is great. I want to make a game from your book, with some of the text copied from your book, and I want to make money with it. But don’t worry i’ll mention that you are the author of the book…”
There are several possible way you will react :

  1. The more likely : you will just ignore him.
  2. The more logic : you will ask for a cut on the benefit, and try to get the best share.
  3. What you should do : You’ll answer that you don’t agree and that you’ll engage pursuit if the guy does so.

You think your work will make them good publicity, but they will think that it will make them bad publicity, unless you’re extremely convincing, with drafts that are really appealing, which IMO isn’t the case if you just send them an email.

Make a game of your own, with your ideas and your story… will be far better in many aspects.


Exactly. And if you can’t even come up with those ideas (which are the easy ones) then every other creative part of game making is probably also out of reach.


It’s not like I have no idea.
I just wanted to say I am grateful of their work because I learned a lot thing related to love and humanity after watching their dramas and it caused me to love them. and by this mean(making game) I am wanting to repay my debt of thanks fullness to them.(this is my true intention)
but if they do not like it. I will implement my own idea.

Hold on a minute, you are actually suggesting that your game will in some way influence international politics? I’m sorry but that’s just not gonna happen, it’s not how the world works pal.

No I have nothing to do with policy man.
The periodic dramas show the history and culture of the nation.
I just mean that the friendship and root relation between northern and southern peoples in past.
this is some thing you can find in most movies.
and do not mean that I want to change the policies.

Then send them a note.

Stealing their work and trying to make it your own is not saying “thank you”.

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I think you are getting him wrong… he in no way is aiming at stealing anything.

I think I understand why he likes that story too. But yah, chances are low they would agree unless he comes up with a very well done already released game and a financial plan for that one or a ton of crafty drafts and such.
But yah, lots of people me included don’t know very well how copyrights work and how much their holders value them and protect them, and how bad productions can actually lower their value.

What could work is asking to produce a game about their lore but give them full decision on when it’s ready (if ever) to be released. But even for that, for it to be worth to put it through their lawyers, you need to come with a lot of stuff up front.

Mind you, always worth a try, and you’ll learn something on the way.

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Who says i want to steal? Why are you exaggerating!!
I said if they do not give me permission so I will respect it and won’t use their story.
And will implement my own unique story .

I ain’t no lawyer but from what I recall, if you go into a non-profit product you can pretty much do what you want. That also stand if you’re doing a satire or a parodie, but that is not the point.

If you are making ANY profit from the product, then the game change. You will be forced to give a part of that profit to the company and that is IF they give you the rights to it. You will also need to negotiate what part of the profit you will need to give them and also take note that you might have a fee to spend to be allowed the licensee, as you do for making a game on Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft.

Bottom point is: if you don’t expect to make ANY profit, go on and have fun. If you do expect to make money you will get into a what might be an administrative nightmare or not, all depending on how well they are whit their own licensing. But even then, it will probably cost you money.

You can also make a parodie and you should have no problem doing what ever you want too do. I think we can all think of some parodie exemples that did pretty crasy stuff, whiout been in need to give a penny :innocent:

Also, final point, as my dad always told me everything is legal as long as you don’t get caught. Do what you want of that wisdom :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is what Nintendo really does:
Nintendo Has Taken Down The Fan-Made Mario 64 HD Game
Nintendo shuts down fan-made Pokemon MMO

This is what Sega really does:
Sega explains take down of fan-made ‘Streets of Rage’ remake

Sorry to contradict you. I totally agree with Nehon.

@Ali_RS the prior consent of the copyright owners is absolutely necessary. You mustn’t use their contents without their authorization. I advise you to look for information about copyright infringement, the Bern convention and the DMCA. As you deleted some of your comments, I don’t know whether you agreed with those sentences from the beginning.

I unintentionally used a copyrighted model in my game in 2010, Sega was “nice” enough to ask me to remove it instead of sending a DMCA take down notice to Sourceforge (the Streisand effect would have harmed it a lot as I had more than 800 000 visits on my former blog at this time). I was just very lucky as you can see thanks to the links above. I’m sorry but I’m fed up with people who claim to use some artworks without any consent of the creators (!= copyright owners) to help them whereas they want to benefit of the fame without any efforts. My game has ugly graphics and I’m proud of it. Game creation takes a lot of time, there is no shortcoming and you can already find lots of contents under free or open licenses on and Yobi3D. Good luck.

Edit.: and you want to make money from something of which you haven’t funded the creation… :frowning:

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