Is it possible to publish jMonkey game in Microsoft store?

I saw articles which tells that it’s impossible/problematic to publish Java app in Microsoft store.
Here for example:

Never tried but looks at Minecraft.

I heard they rewrote Minecraft with C++ or other and proprietary Microsoft sofware toolkits. That would explain why it’s on XBox too. Don’t know if it’s true.

They rewrite the game for the IPhone and Android Version (Pocket Edition) in C++. This Pocket Edition is also used for the Win 10 Edition of Minecraft.

With Microsoft’s history of knee capping Java…

I imagine they’d allow it but I wouldn’t expect to be welcome.

I personally would stick to an outlet such as steam or gog. Steam is available on every OS , extremely popular and international. Of course you pay a small cut to them but in turn you get access to their huge gamer base.

This is exactly my plan. Managing multiple stores can be a PITA (new update? Update the binary on all the stores…) and might not even be worth the hassle… most of the money should come from steam anyway.

Besides, bundling a JVM is the reccommended approach (even by Oracle) and makes your app 100% a win32 standalone application. Not sure why it shouldn’t be accepted on the Microsoft store, your link seem obsolete.

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Steam ? Is it real for indy-developers. I heard they’re checking if you have enough resources (money, infrastructure, staff) to provide appropriate user support etc.

Wait a few weeks and then hear what @MoffKalast says. In case he is allowed to talk without being shot by the mafia afterwards.

Anyway MS might not be easier or Indie-Friendlier. Steam at least has Greenlight. Then there are also some indie game dev sites, gog, desura and what not.

Personally I think I would simply offer a download on my 08/15 wordpress-page and then link the people there, first.

I don’t think Valve checks anything, at least based on the amount of games that shouldn’t be there at all. Based on what I’ve seen on that stackoverflow page it’s a lot easier to get on Steam than on MS store. Why would you want that anyway?

I’m sticking to Steam and GoG myself, like @jojoofu.

@Darkchaos If everything goes according to plan I’ll be able to pay off the mafia :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it is possible. Look for Project Centennial. I was able to pack OpenWonderland client which is jme2 based. This feature is included in Windows Anniversary Update.



I believe that you are so right! I believe that C# is Microsoft’s version of Java. They won’t say so but, this article seems to imply (and deny) it. So, leave it to Microsoft to cause ‘compatibility issues’ with something that is NOT Microsoft.

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It’s actually already been verified that they have done this to Java in the past.

Microsoft has been sued and lost.

Here is a relevant part of Bill Gates’ deposition from the case:


Same as with OpenGL: First they were part of it and supported Java. As soon as they could, they made a copy (C# and Direct3D which is now part of DirectX). Both only barely compatible with Linux and Mac (via Mono / Wine which are always behind a version or two).
Concept of .NET is to support “many languages on one platform” (C# is only one language next to VisualBasic and things like Fortran). “On one platform” meaning Windows and Windows Server operating systems.
Recently they made .NET open source (some time after Java got open sourced). And with “.NET Core” they seem to try and become compatible to Linux and Docker.
I think they realized that unlike DirectX they could not win enough customers even though C# .NET has some advanced features that Java doesn’t have (and also some basic features that are part of most languages like “call by reference”).
C# .NET is often used in the games industry to make level editors and other graphical editors - for example in Unreal, Unity and Vision that’s the way to go.