Is it possible to retarget animations from an AnimControl to an AnimComposer?

I have a handful of animated NPC models that are in j3o format, and have had their animations edited and had things attached to their attachment nodes - these edits did not happen to my original .gltf files, so if I want to use the new animation system by creating a new j3o file from the gltf source, then I am going to have to redo a lot of animation clipping and attachment-node work in the SDK. The attachment node stuff would not take long to redo, but I have many models created by artists on sketchfab, and they all put 10-20 animations into a single mega-animation, so I had to manually extract them each one by one.

Before I redo all of this, I thought I should check in to see if there’s any way to retarget animations from the old system to the new system, in which case I could save myself from redoing the animation clipping manually.


Thanks, I thought I remembered hearing of something like this a long time ago, but when trying to find it I was googling using the keyword “converter” instead of “migration” so I think that is why I could not find it.

I’ve never used it. I just looked through the packages in the javadoc and saw anim.util and clicked it. It was one of the classes in there.

90% of being an expert is having the javadoc open. :slight_smile:

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Yes I should get in the habit of going directly to the javadoc and searching there, that would be more reliable than doing a generic google search in hopes that the right java doc or wiki page pops up like I usually do :laughing:

Imagine a day 25 years ago where Java was brand new and this sort of autodocumenting system was essentially unheard of. Imagine being a software contractor where you and a team of two other guys were set loose in a massive C++ system with millions of lines of code… to fix bugs and add a few improvements. I shudder at this today.

We’d had a taste of javadoc already from some java work and so did our best to cobble together some scripts (bash and emacs) and other things to get us something we could at least navigate the class hierarchy. (And it’s important to note that even the .java file = compilation unit is something we take for granted now.) In C++, a single class can be spread over half a dozen files.

I never take javadoc for granted. Having this since the beginning was a god send.

Edit: and note that on that C++ project, we didn’t have the old team to talk to either because they were all let go… which is why we were there in the first place.


Those sound like rough times. I often feel like I’m lucky to have started with Java as my first language because of all the nice documentation. I’ve used java for 90% of my programming work, and anytime I used other languages for classes in school I would really miss having the nice java docs. I have many bad memories of scrolling through Microsoft documentation for visual basic courses and wishing I were able to just use Java instead :laughing: