Is JME3 usable/stable?

Hi, i'm going to develop a 3d graphics for a project, and i want implement it with JME3. Should i wait until a beta/stable will be released or is it usable? i only need .obj importer (no scheletron / animation actually) and some example code. Is jme3 enough stable for a project development or should I use jme2 (actully I've some class in jme2 from an old version i can re-utilize)?

Well stable kinda, what works seems to work fine currently, but If you want to produce something other than for hobby i recommend jme2 still, since JME3 is kinda alpha.

jME3 is currently based on an OGRE only pipeline, so jME2 will serve you best.  It is also at a much higher stage of maturity than the pre-alpha jME3