Is peer2peer do-able or are their only client-server resources?

anything is appreciated.

It depends on what exactly you mean by “peer to peer”.

like for a fighting game, both users give and receive somewhat equivalent amounts of information. or have equal capacity to do so. both instances run their own physics and controller input is shared.

There are not prebuilt JME resources for this since the level of sharing will be very specific to the type of game, how it will deal with cheating, consistency, etc… There can be a bunch of reasons that two separate systems disagree on state and resolving it can be extremely specific to the problem set. (see: Two Generals' Problem - Wikipedia)

If you do not already have experience in such things then it can be easier to conceive of making one player the authoritative source for conflicts, ie: “the server” and both players become clients to that self-hosted server.

There are all kinds of resources for that.

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thank you, this is pretty much what i needed to hear. just needed to know if i was missing out on something simpler & wasting my time. already have been looking into theory on the topic.