Is possible convert or use .dif interior files?

We have models that we would like you use in jme that were previously used in Torque.  The models were built using Torque Constuctor.  Then they were exported to .dif files to be placed in our Torque game world.  We have not been able to get these models moved into the jme game world.

DIF is a proprietary format AFAIK, and it doesn't seem that there are any importers into modeling tools or anything else other than torque.

If this "Torque Constructor" can export into different formats other than DIF then you should try them first.

You can use constructor to save the dif as a .map file.  I don't remember if jme will load a map file directly, if not you should be able to find something that will convert.

I know that the free-open-source modeling tool Blender can import some versions of map files, and then you can export to wavefront obj which jme can import directly.

yes, it can be converted with blender somehow.  my teammate was able to do it.

DeleD ( also has a a MAP importer, which you can use to bring your models into jME.