Is Prolog useable?

prolog is nice, becouse some situations/relations are easy to calculate in it, but:

Have someone using prolog language in java game programming before? is it useful? is it slow?

Ugh, I coded prolog looong ago in school… Its very convenient for certain data crunching stuff… But the lack of libraries and compatibility will probably not give you much joy I guess… Even well-supported languages like Scala make you hunt for libraries, adapt and wrap others and find compatible tools, plugins etc. so that the advantage in the actual coding is practically nullified…

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Due to the excessive use of recursion prolog is slow as hell.

I strongly recommend NOT to use prolog.

In fact my professor for theoretical computer science said, prolog is more an experiment and not a productive language.


thank you for reply, now i understand why its not common

and i expected that it is slow, but not as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

Prolog is actually “fast enough” for some tasks (relative to the coding efficiency), but it’s pretty specific tasks!

I’ve used it for coding intelligent agents at a uni course where it was quite useful and I remember there were some libraries for using it with Java, although I personally haven’t used any since I decided to go with pure Java for my exam agent.

It’s probably not a great option for most game applications, for sure, but a nice and interesting language none the less.