Is there an easy way to edit mesh in j3o?


I wonder what would be an easy way to do few simple edits on a mesh in j3o format.
One way would be to convert j3o mesh to any format Blender supports and do edits in Blender.
Anyone knows if jme supports converting j3o mesh to any Blender supported format?

If there is none, what would be the easiest way to accomplish this? Both writing an exporter/editing application are way too big tasks and I’d rather avoid redoing stuff which is already done.

Thank you for your input.

What do you want to achieve? Maybe you can do this with jme? Maybe you don’t need to edit the file but just do the modification during loading?

The other way would be to load the j3o in jme and then write a “Waveform obj” exporter, which is just a few strings. Note that there you loose all the special information (there is a material format, but better assume you end with an unshaded mesh)

I got a character with clothes, which originally came from vrm(gltf), I wrote an ‘simple’ importer which fixed some issues with the animation and did some armature retargeting and saved it to j3o.
Now, I’d like to do minor mesh edits on the clothes. Eg. maybe deleting few tris and connecting few tris.
As far as I know, waveform does not support skinning, so in that regard is not usable.

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I asked about mesh-editing libraries and was told something was in the works:
ISO: mesh-editing library

Someday Maud will include mesh editing, but today is not that day. If it were me, I would use Maud to identify the vertex indices and then write Java code to modify the mesh buffers directly.

okay thanks, for now I guess i’ll go with vrm(gltf)->blender->gltf->script for retargeting for each clothing piece as I’ve finally managed to get it to work correctly. (Turned out had to manually parent obj to armature in Blender after import and for export uncheck +yUp )

Someone should write a utility that makes asset pipelines repeatable by allowing modification through scripting during the j3o conversion process.

…oh wait… they did. :slight_smile:
JmeConvert tool

Getting stuck in a position where “I need to make an edit in my j3o because it would take too long to rebuild my asset” is a bad place to be. Way better if you can just go gltf->j3o in some easily repeatable and easily tweakable process. jmec is meant for that.