ISO: mesh-editing library

Does anyone have a mesh-editing library for JME3? For years I’ve contemplated writing one, but there’s not much point in “reinventing the wheel”.

I envision such a library would include routines to:

  • subdivide edges/triangles
  • merge meshes into one
  • convert a mesh from one mode to a different mode
  • calculate vertex normals for a smooth mesh
  • calculate triangle normals for a faceted mesh
  • simplify a mesh by decimation
  • merge duplicate vertices/edges/triangles (for various definitions of “duplicate”)
  • delete vertices/edges/triangles
  • reverse normals
  • transform mesh positions
  • identify disconnected vertices/edges/triangles
  • calculate vertex normals for a smooth mesh
  • calculate triangle normals for a faceted mesh

Both of these I have around here and there and have to admit, it would be really nice to have them in the engine.

  • simplify a mesh by decimation

This one is tricky. I have never delved into animation so I’m pretty useless right now on that front, but the decimator I have with a couple of days work or more would work fine with static meshes (positions, normals, texCoords, colors maybe…).

There is a mesh boolean operation tool around you might like to take a peek at (using shapes as masks).

Thats all I have for now…


Regarding your decimator,

(I am putting a link to it here in case @sgold wants to take a look)

Not tried it yet, but I am considering to use yours instead of JME LOD generator. My understanding is JME’s default LOD generator only modifies the position or index buffer and it has no problem with animation, so my understanding is your decimator should have no problem either. I might be wrong so. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m planning on writing a JME-art of illusion bridge In the next few months- much of the scene-graph has a 1:1 correspondence, even to support of shader nodes.

AOI had most of the editing features that you want, and more.