Issue importing animated commercial model fbx>ogre>jme or blend>jme


I just bought an animated model on Unity store and I’m trying to import them into jME. Importing the mesh itself is no big deal, but the animation with it is quite tricky … When importing through ogre, I get the same error as described here when trying to activate the animation

(but in my case, I have a skeletton after importing the ogre file) and when importing the .blend file, the animation in jME only moves the mesh without any deformation (as if it was a statue)

I have read several general posts regarding import of models into jME, and applied the steps from

but couldn’t solve the issue

Do you have any suggestion? The armature/skeletton/model structure in blender and jME are like this:


jme importing the .blend

jme importing the ogre .scene file

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Blind guess, maybe try xbuff


I second this. I’ve stopped using anything but xbuf to import models (including animations). Just remember the animation has to appear as an NlaTrack or it won’t be available in jme. That took me a while to figure out.

Also, I think you can try to use for example:

Thanks, I setup xbuf based on your link

Following the steps listed here
however, when I click render I see an empty view (see screenshot)

In any case, I applied standard prerequisites (apply scale, rotation and location on armature and mesh, center to origin) and you can see the animation is a single NLA track

The model looks like this

Then I exported the xbuf file

But when I import the model, I can see the mesh but no animation is available :frowning:

I will try to look at @javasabr suggestion meanwhile

Hmm. Maybe it’s something else. Have you made sure the armature is the parent of the geometry in Blender? Select geom, shift select the armature and press control+p.
I haven’t used gltf myself, but maybe it’s mature enough to do the switch.

yep the armature is parent to the mesh (I think the animation wouldn’t play well if they weren’t)

still trying gltf …