Issues using SkeletonDebugger

Hello friends,

I have been following the beginner tutorials in the wiki and got a bit stuck on the jMonkeyEngine 3 Tutorial (7) - Hello Animation :: jMonkeyEngine Docs one attempting to make the SkeletonDebugger work. After a while of tinkering with different things I managed to make it work by calling updateGeometricState() on the skeletonDebugger as a final step but I don’t understand why this worked or if am doing the correct thing.

So this is what I have (at the end of simpleInitApp, the rest of the code is exactly the same as the tutorial linked):

skeletonDebug = new SkeletonDebugger("skeleton", control.getSkeleton());
Material mat = new Material(assetManager, "Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md");
mat.setColor("Color", ColorRGBA.Green);

Could someone explain what is going on in updateGeometricState and if there is another thing am missing to make the skeleton debugger work?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I found this thread How do I make my skeleton visible? and replacing player for rootNode worked :thinking: Why must the skeletonDebug be attached to the rootNode instead of to the player? My guess is that there is a difference between attaching a child to the rootNode vs attaching to a regular model which requires some additionalUpdate (whatever that means)

I’m not sure what’s going on with the difference between attaching to the scene root vs attaching to the player node - during scene update, both update the same way. If you need to resort to calling methods like updateGeometricState() you’re probably encountering the symptom of something else that’s wrong - that’s an internal engine method that you should almost never call yourself.

There’s no material difference between the root node and nodes further down in the scenegraph - as long as a node is attached, it will be updated by its parent.

If skeleton debugger is attached to the player and the player is attached to the scene… the updateGeometricState() will be called automatically.

10 seconds in a debugger should prove it.