Issues with point light colors

I’m having some trouble getting the point light color to blend with my scene. I have a point light with a red color. The red doesn’t blend with the materials in my scene at all. In fact the light color stays pure white. The color blending works fine with ambient and directional lights but it only renders white for the point light.

Here are some things I tried.

Generate TangentBinormalGenerator , adjust specular , adjust ambient , use vertex color , use vertex lighting , adjust diffuse , 10 hail marry’s and use material color. No matter what combination I’ve tried the lighting color doesn’t show up.

I’m clearly doing something wrong here but I’m clueless to what. Anyone have any pointers to get me started in the direction I would appreciate it.

You code looks fine from here.

I figured it out. For reference of others it seems adding light to any node but the root node of the scene causes it render wrong. Now I know and knowing is half the battle.

p.s. There wasn’t any code I was adding it via the sdk scene editor to test a scene.

Also useful to know then because it might have worked just fine from code. Sometimes the SDK has bugs, too.

That is the expected behavior. A light only influences it’s Child nodes. You can use this for Performance optimizations for example (the street lighting might only effect the street and neither houses nor npcs and you definately dont need to do calculations for airplanes


What wasn’t clear from his original description was whether is was a “my light isn’t affecting anything” problem or a “my light isn’t affecting colors correctly” problem.

I agree that most likely he was adding a light to a child and then expecting it to still light the whole scene.