It's a small survey.(What devices and environments do you usually play your favorite games on?)

Yes, as the title says.
I would like to know what devices and environments you usually use to play games?

windows or linux or macOS?

personal computer or Professional gaming machines(Xbox,PS5…)



I have a computer that I use to work and another exclusively for gaming. The latter, which is connected to my living room TV, is powered by Xubuntu, Steam and Proton and has no keyboard or mouse connected to it, only gamepads.

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Linux desktop (which I use for development and gaming), WiiU, Switch Lite, and an old DS Lite. I mostly use the switch rn cause I got Tears of the Kingdom :yum:


Personally, all my gaming these days is on the PS4 or Occulus Quest 2. I think Rimworld was the last game I played on my PC.

My oldest child (20 years old) is the gamer in the house right now and uses Linux + Proton… occasionally the PS4.

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Linux on my laptop (but with external screen, keyboard and mouse). Native builds when possible or through Steam+Proton otherwise (more and more common these days).
I also sometimes use a steam deck.

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Thank you for your replies.

I’m a little confused as to why it’s not Windows when it seems like everyone’s choice is Linux and professional game consoles.

My main platform is Xbox, Playstations for only Sony exclusives, then windows PC for only windows games. and android on mobile games

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steamdeck primarily. also windows/linux gaming PC with VR.

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I hardly play a PC game, because when I turn it on I rather code a game than to play it.

I mostly play on Switch and Xbox, unless the game is PC only (first Witcher game or Dark Messiah)


Linux primarily, Windows if it doesn’t run on Linux, and XBox if it’s only available on console or someone gave me an XBox disc, etc.

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Because you asked a bunch of Java game developers. The answer would be different for different crowds.


To play my favourite game (half life Alyx) it would be a windows 10 gaming laptop connected wirelessly to an Oculus Quest 2.

More usually it would just be the windows 10 gaming laptop. (Same machine used for JME development)

A useful resource from a “what devices are people using” perspective is the Steam Hardware & Software Survey which gives really detailed information as to what everyone who plays steam games is using (which obviously misses things like Xbox).


I’m still quite the gamer. Desktop PC with Windows + Steam is my go-to, no need to fight with any title. Sometimes on the run I do Linux + Steam on a 7 year old laptop. The latter even runs Rocket League and the likes if I’m really desperate :smiley:

Steam and Linux has come a long way. I’ve unlocked all the titles (so not only the Linux white listed games but all…) and most of them work just fine.


Lately I only use my primary windows PC for gaming and also for my JME dev, which I think was a mistake cause some recent big-name games (cough Halo Infinite cough COD mw2 cough) turned out to suck and really bogged my device down bad, so I’m thinking of reformatting my hard drive again soon lol.

Other than that I only use the Nintendo switch occasionally for their exclusives. Not a fan of Nintendo as a company (or most console companies) nowadays but Nintendo is the only one that still manages to get me with some of their exclusive titles.

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around 15 years ago I decided games were not worth the hassle of keeping a windows installation so I only played games that work on linux since then.


Linux (manjaro) and on nintendo switch, I used to play unsupported games on windows as well, but now it’s no longer necessary

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2 months later but i see missed the topic so:

Tho myself i strongly support Linux Gaming, and myself develop on Linux, i still play on Windows myself.

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  • Win10 desktop PC w/ Nvidia 1070 for ‘serious’ games. Next up will probably be Lamplighters League.

  • Linux (PopOS) laptop w/ integrated graphics (Ryzen) for any 'light’ games that run on Linux (currently playing Book of Hours)

  • Win10 laptop with hybrid (integrated Intel i7 + dedicated low end ATI chip) graphics. This really sucks because it is a really bad design (Lenovo) - I have to use both throttlestop and tpfancontrol utilities to make it vaguely useable. By default, the thermal throttling kicks in at quite a low level (to avoid burning your legs), but the fan setting doesn’t ramp before that happens (probably to keep the laptop quiet), so it happens super quickly. Have to manually crank the fan up to max with tpfancontrol and disable bi-directional throttling and bump up the thermal throttling threshold a bit in throttlestop. I mostly just use this laptop to play Battle Brothers now, as its a bit unstable on the Linux laptop under Proton.

  • Nintendo Switch - Currently playing TotK and Death Squared with a mate who visits

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I love how it is overwhelmingly Linux. But again, its programmers.

You need to talk to other people.

Check this survey for games in 2022.

I love the smartphone, I would guess it is mostly crap games. But I have a ton of nephews and to them they rarely touch a “REAL” computer. it is phones, tablets and consoles.