Jaime model rigged

Here is the Jaime model (by nehon) rigged with Blender’s armature thus making it consistent with MakeWalk which enables importing CMU bvh as well Mixamo animations. I added several test animations. There is also original Jaime. Blend files made with Blender 2.78 included.



Maybe this is good time to talk about JME’s default character for testing. Although Jaime may seem ok, it is not a good model for testing. It looks ok, but it should be a humanoid, where Jaime doesn’t quality as one. His proportions are completely wrong, not to mention the tail. Although I managed to rig it with humanoid Blender armature it doesn’t mean animations look good on him. His head is just too big and legs too short. Other candidates for default character might be the Otto or Simbad. For me Simbad is too complicated and cartoonish. Also his is too fat. Otto seems ok but this poor bastard lacks the head and this is not easily repairable. I will look into these model, but I would rather create something new. For me testing character should have the following features:

  1. low poly
  2. humanoid with human proportions
  3. genderless but male body and proportions
  4. in general texture-less with clean colors
  5. rigged with Blender’s basic armature
  6. possible no face, no toes
  7. no equipment
  8. no clothes

What’s your opinion? Should we create something from scratch or use third party CC0 model?

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2.8+ is a must since its redesigned imo. Anything else is a waste of effort because it is probably broken or will be I would think.

There is no 2.8 blend files for any of existing JME models. Also Jaime model offer nothing special. It is a rigged model with a one texture+normal map and armature on the same layer. Not everyone moved to 2.8 due to its inconsitence with JME. I can prepare alternative 2.8 files but pre 2.8 version should exist.

Not a problem for me, just saying 2.8+ would be needed since that’s what new users will likely be using and its different than any version prior.

Not heard about them, what are they?

Maybe he’s talking about the nearly-deprecated .blend importer.

Maybe the X-bot/Y-Bot characters from Mixamo

Sketchfab links:

Thats a great idea.

There is no problem with opening it in Blender 2.8, which is backward compatible. I tested it.

Yeah. This is what I meant, but that “nearly-deprecated” is the fastest and simplest importer for Blender <2.8 files and it is not going anywhere.

That’s a good idea. I thought about it. The characters are great but there is a big licensing issue namely this
" NO, you cannot create… Any type of free distribution of character or animation raw files"


The two links provided are sketchfab ccx4.


You can use mixamo to rig them.

Seems a rigged version is also available on Sketchfab under the same “CC Attribution” license :

So this is Adobe’s Y Bot recreated by someone and with CCBY4 slapped on it? I would have a problem using it. This is still Mixamo model.

Adobe doesn’t define “raw file” in legal but they do define “content file”. What I don’t get is just exactly what the point of using mixamo could be if only you the one and only end user is able to use the file.

You may reproduce and distribute Content Files only in connection with your End Use, however, under no circumstances can you distribute the Content Files on a stand-alone basis, outside of the End Use.

So they say on one hand you can use for games but on the other hand not for use with:

Blueprints or asset packages for video game engines which redistribute character or animation raw files

These models are so good. Someone really thought things through. Simple and well made. The only thing I dont like it Y bot chest. It look like an armor. It shouldnt be like this.

Please see mixamo-faq:


You can use both characters and animations royalty free for personal, commercial, and non-profit projects including:

Incorporating characters into illustrations and graphic art
3D printing characters
Creating films
Creating video games

Yeah it’s a mess. They protect themselves against any troll issues. I agree it stupid and there wouldnt be any problems for us to use it but still I would rather use Mixamo original files than credit someone which is cancerous in many ways.

Yup but like a mitm noted - nothing is obvious.

Yes, download it, change color, fatten this, thin that, call it done…

Literally my way :smiley:

I used GLTF since it was available… .blend importer never worked right for me.

Probably in JME 3.4 the blender importer will be moved to its own repo under jme-contrib.

Note: I do find the logic kind of funny based on what is written here “I don’t use 2.8 because of import issues… with the .blend importer which is only good for pre 2.8.” Almost a circular argument.

Yes it’s funny to remove working importer because “blend importer never worked right for me”.

It is also funny that 2.8 is backward compatible and using pre 2.8 works for everyone while 2.8 targeted blend is a problem for some users. In general it is very funny.