(January 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Our latest creature made for Skullstone:




After playing the game “Inside” (great game, highly recommend), I’m not sure anything in a game will ever freak me out again. :slight_smile:

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Looks like something out of XCOM

That looks really cool man, beautifully polished, gratz

Walking Bipeds WIP:

larger version

  • basic bullet physics;
  • super advanced “move to target, then find another random target” Sky-net AI Algorithm Integration Processing Paralleling Cluster testing whatever;
  • procedural walk animation, using 2 frames / poses w/ leaning, auto facing, speed compensation.
  • auto “wall hugging”, 3rd animation frame / pose … I say pose because I have exported a 3 frame long animation from blender, comprising 2 walking poses and a wall hugging pose.

Still early but mature enough to integrate into Monkanim, because blending and state machining is horrible … :rice_scene::punch:


Working on Pixel Construction:

You can set IDs in warehouses (the long ones) that are IDs of other warehouses, and it’ll only empty those it has an ID of.
So you can micromanage to your heart’s desire!

And I added this (the banner is taken from a thread on the forums) right at the start to give this awesome engine credit!


@Robbi_Blechdose you have gamma correction enabled, right? Which gpu do you have?
[edit] I ask because I see the darkened colors on the jme logo…

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I don’t think I have gamma correction enabled, and I have a GTX 960 G1 Gaming.
It might just be the lighting in my scene (it’s part of a cinematic, after this, my (company) logo shows).
I’ll look into it. Well spotted, thanks!

Working on integrating SimFX to my editor:

The example of how to add supporting editing of your custom app state:


Just added a Galaxy map to my space game


Something I’ve wanted to play with for a while, pretty simple but makes use of blender cycles amazing lighting

I bake onto these little boxes lighting - but they only receive indirect lighting (they also do not interfere with light rays in anyway e.g. reflecting/blocking light themselves).

Then I use this as a base colour for my character, blending between them depending on the players position on a grid of colours.

This image has AO on the character too. I will then use point/spot lights for direct lights.


Implemented filter editing in a scene editor :slight_smile:

The example of how to add supporting editing of your custom filter:

heheh that’s pretty much the principle for image based lighting with lightProbes for PBR.

nice mate! welcome to the light probe club =)

I’ve been working on a Horror-themed game with the intention of scaring my kids. Here’s the player walking around a graveyard.


Pretty cool. My son loves games like this.

Thanks. I should have a download available soon. The game is quite simple; you have to collect some packages while avoiding the “monster”, which can only move when not being looked at. It makes it quite interesting trying to tell which statue has moved!