Java beginner, should I follow jme tuts or what I follow now?

Hi, sorry if my title doesn’t make much sense, but right now I’m learning java through bucky’s tutorials (

I’m primarily interested in game development, and not so much apps. Should I learn using another resource or continue with the tutorials?

That’s good that you start by learning Java before starting with JME.

I didn’t completely watch the tutorial but for a starter, he does not follow java naming convention.
A class name should start with a capital letter. variable names use camel cases like that “myVariable”.
Of course it will not fail otherwise, but that a convention to do so.
This only would make me not consider this as a good learning resource.

Maybe try

I learned how to program Java from Bucky too!! I Watched all his basic tutorials Christmas 2010. That was my first programming language. All-in-all, he’s not bad for learning programming basics, but he does leave a lot out. For example, he doesn’t teach how to use multiple classes. If you’ve never programmed at all before, I’d strongly recommend his tutorials (although he can get a little chatty sometimes).

You don’t need his Java game programming tutorial series though. It only goes over the bare basics of 2-D games, like programming you’re own frame buffer. All those things are taken care of within JME.

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