JavaFX 8 support?

I see there is a plugin for javafx 2.0 support but im looking for version 8? i wanna try to make a custom editor but i rather use javaFX since most people online say use javaFX over swing because its deprecated and will no longer be maintained so i was wondering how i would go about getting javaFX 8 support? sorry if this is a common sence question or something… I would use eclipse (my fav ide) but the Jme sdk is growing on me and plus i like the templates (Appstates templates, Control Templates, etc…) and some of the editors like material editor and what not. Would swing be a better solution?

Is this what you are looking for:
JFX Gui bridge for JME with usefull utilities for common usecases

Does this have all javaFX 8 features? and is it as stable as javaFX 8?

I believe it should