JavaFX in Jmonkey

I tried to get JavaFX in jme(to play video) but it appears all the downloads and libraries related to it doesn’t exist anymore.

The links that were originally posted all lead nowhere.

Dunno how much it helps but we used one of these and play videos through a texture. The tricky part is how to get the texture you want. JavaFX I guess is the easiest.

I used javafx to render web-app as ui, you can probably try to show a video with it also.
Original repo is dead I believe, so I forked it

    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.wizzardo:JME3-JFX:'
    implementation 'com.github.wizzardo.RLib:rlib.common:master-SNAPSHOT'
    implementation 'com.github.wizzardo.RLib:rlib.logger.impl:master-SNAPSHOT'

I have an updated branch for jfx in jme. It should not have any issues playing a video.

Edit: if all you want to do is play a video and not use the rest of the jfx ui, then I recommend an alternate solution. Adding jfx is a large amount of maintenance overhead and eliminates the ability to use Android with your game. I recall seeing someone use VLC in JME, perhaps that would be another option to explore.

I have a repo here: GitHub - neph1/jme3-vlcj: example of vlcj usage in jmonkeyengine3
But unfortunately the license is GPL.
I think this is a better alternative: GitHub - polincdev/SimpleMediaPlayer: Media player for JMonkey Game Engine although it requires a bit of pre-processing.

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In case anyone is interested, I have rewritten this project with a better architecture according to SOLID principles, and I have added a few more features. However I didn’t find the time to fix some shader bugs that were already present in the original version of the project. All the details are in the README file. Use it however you like, if you add something interesting or fix bugs, let me know here in the community.

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