JBullet Character Jump

So it looks like the original C++ Kinematic Character Controller got updated so that jump and gravity work!

Some links:




I going to work on porting it over to JBullet (should be pretty quick), and I’ll post my results.  Maybe normen or someone could recompile it then with the changes to make a new jar for JBullet-JME and JME 3 physics what do you think?


jmePhysics wont need it but it will be great for jbullet-jme / jme3 physics. I tried to contact the jbullet author already but no luck :(, hope you can contribute to the project. Otherwise I already thought about putting it into a gc svn on my own…

Ok just finished porting it, see attached (too big to post).

SomethingNew said:

Ok just finished porting it, see attached (too big to post).

Fantastic, I will put it into jbullet-jme and jme3 as soon as I can, probably tomorrow.
Did you try to contact jezek? If not I will try again and if he doesn't answer just put it in a branch on the jbullet-jme gc page.

No I didn't try to contact jezek, but I sort of limited on time at the moment, so you can try again if you want.

Ok, I added the current monotone version of jbullet to a branch in jbullet-jme, commited the change to it and compiled a new version of jbullet.jar. I also made changes to PhysicsCharacterNode to allow changing the gravity value. Works like a charm, great work SomethingNew! Its all in the jbullet-jme svn.

Thanks again,


Edit: posted the fix on the java gaming forum, as it seems jezek is quite active there.