JBullet Implementation not correctly working

Hi There,

In JMEPhysics2 no Test with Forces and JBullet implementation workds - the forces arent applied to the nodes / bodies.

Is this a known bug?

Simply add in line 90 in SimplePhysicsGame:


Start for example the two tests:
TestCollisionGroups or TestMarble.

I also tried newest JBullet Lib, doesnt work either.

Any solutions?



Did you add the JBullet jars to the JPhysics project?  (I assume your using Eclipse)


sure i did. The same setup only with the default implementation, Ode, works with forces.

I made sure that the same behaviour is in the interactive tests in jmephysics - and it is, see instructions in the first post.

In my simple game, i have to choose:

Either situation a) Ode is working with Forces, but not with my models mesh and triangle accurate physics

or situation b) JBullet isnt working with Forces, but with triangle accurate physics…



ODE is the only complete implementation. JBullet and any others you might find are not guaranteed to be fully implemented.