JBullet torque

I've read that perhaps JBullet isn't fully functional, but I'm wondering if addTorque is working? It looks by looking at the code that it should be working, however the following does not move my objects:


but the following works ok but doesn't seem like a good way to go:


Any thoughts on how to apply some torque to the object without setting an absolute angular velocity?

Well, you are right.  That part SHOULD be working . . . but evidently it's not.  :frowning:

I'll take a look at what I might have fubared with that.  If it's an easy fix, I'll check it in and let you know.  For now applying torque directly to the JBullet RigidBody will work correctly and shouldn't cause any nasty side effects, except for a TEENY bit of extra overhead having to do an explicit cast every time.  (though I suspect the compiler may inline that for you anyway)

I had tested this and had it working, so hopefully it'll be an easy fix.


Excellent. I'm really looking forward to this as the physics are kind of slowing down my project right.