JME 3.0.0 download link

I’m looking for an installer of a 32-bit jmonkeyengine 3.0.0 which supports opengl 1, it’s for my friend whose devvice only have opengl 1.4 and 32-bit. If someone has other suggestion than just using 3.0.0 please help. Thanks.

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will opengl 1.4 work with JME sdk 3.0.10? Someone told me that it doesn’t anymore work with 3.0.1 that’s why I’m finding 3.0.0

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So, if it’s working with 1.4, why do I get these errors, please see my post in

It’s been removed in 3.1 not 3.0.10.

If you don’t do anything about it in your code, the engine won’t automatically switch to opengl 1 I think you have to select the proper renderer in the settings.
I’ll defer to @Momoko_Fan on this as I never used opengl1.