Jme 3.1 welcome screen "welcoming" to 3.0

Just notice the welcome screen from Jme 3.1 is showing :

“You are running the latest version of the SDK (jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.0)”

Also, when you build an new project and run it, it generates an default title “JMonkey Engine 3.0”, should be 3.1…

This welcome screen, does it happen when you open the SDK or when you are running a project?

This is the welcome screen that shows when you initiate the jdk at the first time.
If you open any project and close it, I guess it will not show again…

It’s a known issue, I think it’s even in the issue tracker on github.
I think a new welcome screen has been done on the wiki, but it remains to properly link it in the sdk.

Ok, this bugs are easy to fix.
Please note that there is also another bug on the generated application title !

I believe that part has already been fixed in master to always be the current version of jme so that it never needs to be manually updated again. It will be available in alpha 2 probably.

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