Jme and other project

hi all.

Frequently asked in the forum about jme3, answers and links to separate projects, such as Minie, Simsilica and others, from specialists which work with jme arrive.

If you pass to these projects, then there are written about new functions which aren’t in jme, about correction of errors which are found in jme.

Functions which are added to other, parallel projects, they are integrated into jme?

And those functions on which I selected jme they are available in third-party projects?

In many third-party projects it is said that some jme functions aren’t supported any more, but they support in the projects. And how new releases of jme?

jme3 is well documented, and other projects, in order to understand how they work, you need to look at the code.

And how to live with it?)

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You have to look at the sources of those 3rd party libraries or APIs that use jme3 yourself, or guess what they do , or ask on forum for help to recombinate those third party code into specific jme3 , that’s why I prefer raw projects which donot hide the truth from the developer.

Developers may have to document a link to the source class of thier 3rd party APIs using @link{} for instance , but in the real world that doesn’t even happen , may be because we are getting lost in the craziness of adding features & lost the fact that clean code is the most important.

My advice , if you have a complex api code & you need to get somethings done in your game , use thier code directly without learning how it works , you just learn what it does & how to use it in a context of a game rather than studying & wasting time , so take a look at the testCases.

Mainly its about old jBullet that is outdated and new Animation System

And yes, JME is third-party-libs based, and its fine, since its easier to maintain for some people.
And you can choose what you need instead of having all.