Jme at

i was just wondering if the devs would care to claim their contributions at ohloh:

jme users with an ohloh account could also add jme to their stack.

you deserve it :slight_smile:

cool, had not considered an account there until today.  Thanks for the kudos. :slight_smile:

Wow, you can see where people live there. Nice to see someone coming from my hometown. Greetings to Regensburg btw. :wink:

tanks. :wink:

it would be really nice to see more jme users on ohloh. the fact that you can see where the others are geographically located could result into some interesting collaborations.

This is true, so i've created an account there:

So you can see, we're practically neighbours  :smiley:

Created my account as well. No neighbors so far…:expressionless:

'Me too'