jME equivalent of Delta3D STAGE?

Are there plans to develop something similar to Delta3D's STAGE?

STAGE – A complete visual editor for

  • Map editing

Have you looked into MonkeyWorld3D?

Obviously not. :smiley:

maybe you could get mojo to explain why he chose that name for this engine. probably because he is one… the "monkey on our back" so to speak  :smiley:

I usually refer to this engine as jME … 'cause when I say JMonkeyEngine … people say J-what!?!

Most of my work now is in the M&S/research world … so, some colleagues just don't take that name too seriously … at least not till they see what it's capable of :slight_smile:

Actually, the other day I ran into a related problem… when I said jME to a guy, he said… Oh! is it for cell phones? (in reference to the JME = Java Micro Edition)… Confusing if you abbreviate it, informal if you don't…  XD I am not advocating a name change, I just wanted to share the anecdote.  :smiley:

I'm not suggesting a name change either … by no means.

You should tell the person you were talking to "nooooo… that's j2me" and tsk a lot. :wink:

The name sounds amateurish, because it is. I just stuck the name on it long before it became anything worth using, that name stayed. However, I must say that the positive responses to the name have far outweighed the negative.

i think you just tried to follow the trend, like iME, but went one letter further to not get in trouble  :stuck_out_tongue: