JME on JDK 16


I don’t know how many people have tried, but I figured I would report on running jme on jdk 16.
I was able to compile, run tests, and run a jme app without any issues on jdk 16.
This is not surprising as I did not see any deprecations that should cause us problems, but I figured I would check.

Anyways, for anyone wondering, it does work.



I haven’t done any explicit testing per se, but I’m also running my jME application on JDK 16 without issues.

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But note that the latest release of Gradle (v6.8.3) doesn’t support any JDK beyond 15.

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Yes - I’m using a pre-release Gradle v7 right now, though with the new-ish Java Toolchains feature you can build against a JDK that Gradle itself doesn’t run on:

java {
	toolchain {
		languageVersion = JavaLanguageVersion.of(16)
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