jME Physics 2.1 Compatible with jME 2


I have recently installed jME 2 and I have downloaded jME Physics 2.1. The version I downloaded was not compatible with jME 2 and I was wondering where exactly I can download jME Physics 2 .jar files that are compatible with jME 2.

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there are no prebuilt jar files as i know, you have to get the source and build them yourself.

Thanks, I've got it downloaded and I have ant as well. I just forgot the exact command line build command.

I use Eclipse and I’ve been using this tutorial on making jars out of the source code through Eclipse, =jme&s[]=physics&s[]=2#create_jme_physics_2_as_a_java_project][]=jme&s[]=physics&s[]=2#create_jme_physics_2_as_a_java_project

I have imported all the source code into a project folder, when I attempt to build the build.xml it tells me that it cannot find any of the jME 2.0 packages. I have imported a user library including the jME 2.0 jars.

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There is a properties file for the build.xml in jME Physics. Be sure to edit this and set the correct path to your jME jars.

I have edited module.jme.basedir to the location of my jME 2 jars yet when I attempt to build a line says that it is using a non-existent jME project folder in my eclipse for the jars.

I found out what I had done wrong, I looked into the xml files and edited the location for the jme jars. It built successfully.

Thank you for your time.