jME Physics 2 Wiki

Hi all jME Physics 2 users!

Adamgp suggested to create a wiki for jME Physics 2. I think this is a good idea :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don't have much time currently to get any significant content into it. But I promise to at least read contributions :wink:

The current url is

Anyone up to contributing? Suggestions?

Hey you got that up and running quickly - I like the spring logo.

Ive added a few links to the contents page which cover some of the basics.

Ill have to jump into the docs and tutorials to build a list of anymore must have pages.

Excellent!  :smiley: :smiley:

This is excellent! I would like to know when will jMEphysics be built against the latest jME release? :? I have in the past tried to build both and have never been able to get jME physics to build. I would like a distribution that is similar to jME it self with all the required binaries and jars for each platform. Or, you could upgrade your version of jME to the latest and refactor your sources to work with the latest changes and I will build it myself. :smiley:

Check it out from the repository and it will run with the latest from the jME repository without problems (that's what I'm doing currently).

Thanks! I'll give it shot. :smiley:

Any stuff need writing/doing on the wiki? I'm a fairly active Wikipedia/Wikinews contributor myself, so i'd be happy to write some content for the wiki. I just need to know what needs writing.

Not exactly Physics 2, but you can write a lot of the User Guide articles, that are just not even created…

At least for now, i'd rather work on the physics wiki, as it has less content and the physics system is often harder to figure out. I'm also trying to learn lots about it, so itll give me a reason to research lots.

Well, usually people contribute what they learned and is missing. Most important would be an actual user guide - there are only some tutorials and a setup guide (in jme wiki) to get started. Explanations on contacts, materials, friction etc. would be nice as well…