Jme physics tutorial problem


I am trying to run tutorial code from lesson1, but i am still getting some kind of error.

thanks for help.

import java.util.logging.Level;
import java.util.logging.Logger;

import com.jmex.physics.DynamicPhysicsNode;
import com.jmex.physics.StaticPhysicsNode;
import com.jmex.physics.geometry.PhysicsBox;
import com.jmex.physics.util.SimplePhysicsGame;

* This class shows the most simple physics: A dynamic box falling onto a static floor (also a box).
* <p/>
* Prerequisites:
* <ul>
* <li> Java 5 and general programming skill, of course </li>
* <li> you should have a general understanding of jME (including OpenGL as LWJGL is the default rederer) </li>
* <li> read up a bit on general physics simulation (e.g. chapter 3 of the ODE user guide on </li>
* <li> already got jME Physics 2 API + implementation compiled - run TestGenerateGeometry to verify that </li>
* <ul>
* @author Irrisor
public class Lesson1 extends SimplePhysicsGame {
    protected void simpleInitGame() {
        // first we will create the floor
        // as the floor can't move we create a _static_ physics node
        StaticPhysicsNode staticNode = getPhysicsSpace().createStaticNode();

        // attach the node to the root node to have it updated each frame
        rootNode.attachChild( staticNode );

        // now we create a collision geometry for the floor - a box
        PhysicsBox floorBox = staticNode.createBox( "floor" );

        // the box is already attached to our static node
        // it currently has height, width and depth of 1
        // resize it to be 10x10 thin (0.5) floor
        floorBox.getLocalScale().set( 10, 0.5f, 10 );

        // second we create a box that should fall down on the floor
        // as the new box should move we create a _dynamic_ physics node
        DynamicPhysicsNode dynamicNode = getPhysicsSpace().createDynamicNode();

        // also attach it to the scene
        rootNode.attachChild( dynamicNode );

        // create another collision geometry, now for the falling box
        dynamicNode.createBox( "falling box" );
        // we don't scale this one, size (1,1,1) is fine

        // we have to move our dynamic node upwards such that is does not start in but above the floor
        dynamicNode.getLocalTranslation().set( 0, 5, 0 );
        // note: we do not move the collision geometry but the physics node!

        // ok we have created some physics stuff but no actual meshes that could be seen
        // thus we activate the debug mode to allow us to see anything (can be toggled in game with key V)
        showPhysics = true;

    * The main method to allow starting this class as application.
    * @param args command line arguments
    public static void main( String[] args ) {
        Logger.getLogger( "" ).setLevel( Level.WARNING ); // to see the important stuff
        new Lesson1().start();

* $log$

SEVERE: Exception in game loop
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.jme.scene.Line.setColorBuffer(ILjava/nio/FloatBuffer;)V
at com.jmex.physics.PhysicsDebugger.<clinit>(
at com.jmex.physics.geometry.PhysicsBox.<clinit>(
at com.jmex.physics.impl.ode.OdePhysicsSpace.createBox(
at com.jmex.physics.PhysicsNode.createBox(
at Lesson1.simpleInitGame(
at Lesson1.main(

Where did you get jME Physics 2 from? Be sure you are using this one with the latest jME.