JME Physics2 not working with RC1 of JME


I have just downloaded the 1st release candidate of JME 1.0 and the latest version of JME Physics2 and I get this exception:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/jme/util/LoggingSystem

at com.jmex.physics.PhysicsSpace.create(

It seems as though the old logging system that was removed as part of 1.0 is still required by JME Physics2.

Any thoughts…

Please use the cvs version of jME Physics 2. I did not manage to put a release together, we still have issues with the mac binaries.


I'll check out the latest version from CVS.

I'm working on the mac binaries… Managed to get the ODE rev 996 from SVN… ./configure is ok, couldn't "make" it yet, but working on. Later will come the linking part (with odejava).

Irrisor, I didn't found instructions on how to compile the JAVA part of odejava-jni, the build.xl didn't work also, so I'm moving everything to another project and updating with the generated part, after the Swig.

It's a maven 2 pom.xml in there. But it's really nothing special needed besides configuring the classpath (see pom.xml for dependencies) - and you've the jar already.