.jme to .j3o conversion


Is there any conversion for models planned from jme2 to jme3?

Or support for the old jme format in the JmonkeyPlatform?

For us this would mean a lot, otherwise we would have to do a (real) lot of conversion by hand.

Thanks for your thoughts!

No there isn’t but this is the reason why we jave the com.jme3 package now instead of com.jme. It should be quite easily possible to make a converter by just loading both jme libraries in one app, loading with one and saving with the other. If you come to create a jme2 importer for jme3 I’m sure you will find help with any problems here if you promise making a contribution from it :wink:

Ok! I’ll see in here if someone can manage to do something like this if its really that easy.

Thanks for your reply!

There is now the first version of a .jme converter available in the update center. Its a WIP still but its a beginning, see here:


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Thanks normen for your reply!