Jme to xml maxscript

Hey DP did you ever finish your maxscript, last I remembered it didn’t support textures. I want to try out some animated models I have and neither md2 ord md3 will support them in their present form, as for milkshape, no weights, so doing anything beyond basic fps animation is not pretty, downloaded a trial.

my other option at this time may well be using unreal’s ActorX plugin to keep my work in cstudio and import into milkshape but I’ve heard it doesn’t always work right and may not solve my issue anyway, then to I’m not keen on buying milkshape either, too limited for my purposes.

Do you have an msn account?
no, not really in fact, truth be told i dont do much browsing either, so I never really entertained the idea, but could set that up if you prefer, concerning that tool, all I really need is animation and texture support added to what is already there, but beware in versoin 2 animation didn't work apparently it wasn't initialised properly or something, messed with it and got it to work by looking at similar scripts. got the jme/xml files at least haven't had time to do anything substantial until now. will know if they work tonight though, at the office now.

only detail beyond that I can think of is I use 4.2 and animate characters with biped and physique almost exclusively. that's why like .x so much if you have read my other posts you can do anything with that, export an entire animated scene if needed, hassle free or almost, perhaps that will be included in jme .14 will wait and see

email is

I actually had my last exam today! Hurray! (for another 3 months anyway)

Do you have an msn account? We can discuss what you want over there…so that you feel comfortable with the tool (custom built especially for you!)


only if you have the time, knew you had exams and such.

my only hope is that milkshape is not the begin all end all for skeletal format in jme.


I actually got bored of Maxscript so i ditched that idea. But, having said that, max should have a built in Obj exporter which works like a charm!

If you dont want to use obj or 3ds (jme can convert both of those to .jme) then i’l see about that maxscript for ya…

I haven’t programmed with maxscript for a while now…so if you want this, im ready!