jME-Week#1 -ENDED- (5th to 11th of july)

That’s a great initiative ttrocha. I would be happy to help organize such an event, but right now there are some big changes happening with jME’s internal structure, so it’d probably be best to get this past us before any arrangements are made.

If I volunteered to help out with this contest, can I expect you to play a significant part too?

Well, ok! Let’s say I start to organize it.

Here a first suggestion:

The goal:write a game in 7 days.

Two categories: individual and/or team-based

(everyone is allowed to do both if we wants and have the time for that)

Start: 0 a.m. UTC

End: 23:59 p.m. UTC + 11h

How? : Everyone works at home. Every participant will get something like a blog-account where he can post progress, thoughts, pictures and finally a release-link (with a screenshot) to the game.

First round! - Finding a period.

I suggest we start on sunday morning so we can have a great finish on friday and saturday-night! :smiley:

For sure there is the problem with different timezones. But we shouldn’t take that too strict. I suggest to start at 0 a.m. UTC and the last entry should be released at 23:59 p.m. hawaii-time (UTC + 11h). Everyone can arrange his start/ending as it fits best into his/hers life.

Here I have made a voting where everyone who is interested can place his suggested weeks (start sundays)

Please use your forum-name and only vote once (with multiple nominations). (I gave the options from 21th of june to 26 of july).

I really look forward to that event and hope some people are interested. That will for sure be

much fun…

I will keep you informed…

Interesting :slight_smile: I might participate. What's the price? Fame and glory?

Hehe…yes! The price: fame and glory AND finally your game itselfs :D.

I think royalty free content of any kind that is at the competition's weekend available in the web or made by yourself sometimes should be allowed. So we are not forced to put too much time into modelling or creating music :smiley: and can concentrate on the main topic: jME

We might want to create a prize fund to boost participation… I am pretty swamped to be a contestant, but I would be willing to pay for a supply of goods from the jMonkeyEngine store for the prizes. Or some other thing that would not exceed, say, $100 USD (for my share, I mean)

Cheers and keep it up!

Hmm,… well! I'm not sure we should pump the event up with money. Ok,…goods are a good thing

and if you want to pay for that it is very very generous but actually I don't want to pay money (for goods)

that more people feel enthusiastic about the contest. Maybe I'm too idialistic but in my opinion the wish to

participate should come from inside and if only 4 People take part in the first combo then there are only 4 people.

And maybe 8 the next time…what is the other's opinion?

I think monetary rewards is an important point to consider. Sure it'd be nice if people joined in just because they'd love the motivator of going head to head with other developers. However, consider the fact that a whole lot of competent people are already busy with their own project(s) and might not be comfortable with dedicating time to a mere contest just for the enjoyment of it.

Money is a strong incentive, but there are other ways of attracting even busy developers' attention, namely "fame". If we could make sure a winner of said contest would be sufficiently promoted, this would be a strong incentive for any developer. We could even announce this contest on other related boards such as, and the result would in turn be posted there as well. The winner would be mentioned in as many places and as many times as possible, meaning the winner's project would also get a lot of exposure if so wished.

Add (enough) money to the mix, and we might even attract some talented freelancers who's looking to make some quick cash; one can only hope they wouldn't crush all competition with ease.

Hey, if we end up doing this server migration, we might even be able to offer free project hosting as part of the reward.

Idea: Make the theme/challenge of the contest dynamic enough so that bigger projects could actually just take out a small part of the larger codebase they've already established and submit that as an entry.

That is some great initiative there ttrocha! I see your points and I agree that money has no place in this case, but I don't like leaving this sort of thing unsaid as you know someone's gonna bring it up eventually.

Clearly the masterpieces would have to wait, but a good demo is something that should 'look' good, so I reckon it shouldn't be hard to promote a winner with a lot of visuals. If there are someone in the community well versed with some movie editor, we could even put together a small filmroll of the best entries.

i can look after video for ye…

i do alot of work in flex/flash and video…

Sound really good. Thanx you are willing to help out. A filmroll sound cool for me. Additional we should start with some kind of hall of fame where you can see all winners of the years or something like that…

Based on doodle seems like there are only 3 competitors. I will have a spot on the pedestal :slight_smile:

it will be fun to create a very small  (hopefully fun) game.

I usually never really finish any projects, but now with a clear start and end it should be possible :slight_smile:

I don't have time to get in now, cause none of yours want to code Bolidz with me wimps  :stuck_out_tongue:


Bolidz looks marvelous…! Nevertheless it would be really reallz great if you would take part at the competition with all the game experience you already have…! Come on, take a break! One week  :D!

Remember: This is the only chance to become the very first winner or the competition :smiley:

let's play then  :evil:


Yeah…cool! That will be fun…  :smiley:

Count me in.

Are we gonna schedule a IRC Chat time ?

Laser Ninja Fantastic Awesome :slight_smile:

I plan on using these tools:

Windows XP



Eclipse IDE 3.4

Sure. That is planned. And if it is used by anyone it is real much fun. The official jme channel is:

#jme @ freenode

To be honest I used it only once. Is it still available? Don't have a clue! I will test that after work.

EDIT: Yes, it is available

Fine, no money then! You will have to deal with my shot at it, then!  :smiley: I really hope I will have some time to do that, if I am the only one with a conflict, please just ignore me and go ahead with the competition.

Let’s think about possible themes. When we have a list I will start a voting for

that right before the competition starts…plz post proposals as comment on the


Until then, keep on rocking,