JME wiki maintenance

Where/how/whom to post request regarding minor issue/fix in wiki (i.e. broken link)? Cheers.

I believe its @mitm who has taken the task in-chief but quite a few of us can fix broken links.

Ah, so here is OK :slight_smile:
Well, it’s here, this link, pictures seem to not resolve. Here the article is posted too, and pictures look loading.

Technically speaking you would raise an issue or fill a pull request on the repo for the wiki, but you can also post it here I guess :slight_smile:

I’m just not so familiar with github’s wiki (only standard mediawiki) so maybe missed how to do that(

It’s neither the one or the other actually.
It’s rather some asciidoc highlighted files, something like markdown, which then seem to generate a wiki.

Actually changing a link should be easy



Ran into this with the Zay-es wiki. GitHub wikis don’t allow pull requests. If wiki editing is restricted to people actually in the organization, others will need to either suggest an edit, or send a git patch/bundle file for the maintainers to apply. (More advanced git usage… Don’t try if you are not comfortable with command line git)

Yeah, it’s kind of lame. I wonder if anyone has automated copying the wiki over from a regular folder in the source repo… then we could accept pull requests and stuff more easily.

As far as I remember, I don’t even have granular control over people just having wiki edit access. (for Zay-es)

This guy keeps his wiki in a separate repository. I know that some of it looks complicated, but the majority of what he is doing is so that changes through the Wiki UI and PRs on the “external” repo get automagically merged.

It should not be difficult to convert this bit of script to use git subtree and a sub-directory of the Zay-es repo.

@pspeed: If you like, I could arrange pretty much the whole thing in a PR to the Zay-es repo. The only things that you would need to do would be the admin-only work: (This assumes that you do not already use Travis for other projects)

  • Make sure that you have a Travis-CI account (<2-min signup w/github id)
  • Enable Travis access to Zay-Es repository. This is done mostly through Travis’ UI, though it may re-direct you to github to authorize Travis for the ‘jMonkeyEngine Contributions’ organization.
  • Generate an Access token for your Github ID
  • Enter the Token on the Travis settings page for Zay-Es. The name that you give the token needs to match the Variable that is used in the travis.yml file.

Yes, It’s lame that we can’t just do PRs against the wiki directly. Some previous discussions in past, github employees state that doing this would not be as easy as it sounds. Perhaps there will be a thread with details once they launch the community forum that they promised for this year.

Hold off on doing anything. Zay-es is only one of a dozen or so projects that I manage and I’d like a unified solution for all of my projects. Hopefully I won’t be so underwater soon and can look at it in more detail.

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