JME2: Loading ogre mesh


I downloaded a human blender model with walking animation ( ), converted it into OGRE Mesh and tried to use it in JME. When I load the model it is normal, but when I start the walking animation, all the model's arms and legs bend backwards and the whole model twists.

I tried to use a weight normalizer in Blender as suggested by various guides, but I have no idea how to use Blender so I couldn't do that.

What should I do? Can any one of you get that model working in JME? Is the problem in the blender model or OGRE exporter?

To check out if the exporter/importer is to blame you can import the exported model into the ogre viewer. if it looks ok there, the problem should be in the importer. Otherwise, it could be in the exporter used, or in the model itself.

Have a look at this thread, ev. you have the same problems, or could exchange exporters :wink:;boardseen#new

heres the fix for that human model enjoy  :D

  • the fixes are

    1.the models are originaly facing blender's z axis and lying in x axis have to scale them down and rotate them using setLocalScale() and setLocalRotation()

    male model is in layer 1

    female model is in layer 2