jme2 or jme3, or something completely different?

Hello everybody.

I’m currently developing a browser based game using my own (2d) java engine. I’ve however come to a point where i would like to replace my client with a 3d client instead (mostly for customization possibilities, but also for various graphical benefits).

I’ve a fair share of experience working with jme2 since last year, and i have some kind of ugly game framework that i’m not particluarly interested in using too much from. I’ve several years of java experience, and I’ve also some (read little) experience programming opengl es on android.

I’m interested in getting up and running quickly, and not spend too much time learning a new framework. So my question to you lot is what would be my best option;

Should i stick with jme2, being a mature, albeit slightly aged framework where i know my way around.

Should i get started with jme3, being modern, cross platform ( i plan on releasing the game on android as well ), with what looks like a very good tools pipeline being in development.

Go for some other java based 3d engine (Ardor?), although i know it’s probably not the right forum to ask that question. :slight_smile:

How similar are these engines? Is there a lot of pain involved in migrating a project (say i want to use some of my old framework) from jme2 to jme3?

Thanks in advance.

Keep up the good work (it certainly looks like you are)!


Hi Rickard, welcome back to the community!

First and foremost, I highly recommend our wiki page about choosing jME2 or jME3. The general consensus nowadays is that jME3 pretty much beats the old jME2 on all accounts. No doubt the engine itself is more powerful, but thanks to an outstanding job by @zathras we’re even closing in on jME2’s doc count, while still in the Alpha stage.

There will be some pain in migrating a project, like your old framework. jME3 is by and large a completely new engine. The good news is that if you’re already a capable Java programmer and you have previous experience with jME2, we reckon you will find great joy in jMonkeyEngine 3 and the way it has been designed.

Thank you for your quick reply Erlend.

I’ll have to read up a bit on what’s happened since i was last around, but that wiki was certainly helpful.

I remember how much time it took to get some less-than-decent shaders into jme2 and to get it running as an applet. It seems those two issues aren’t a problem anymore as it’s all inside the engine.