JME3.1 - Collision detection always fails in android

Hello guys,

First of all I would like to congratulate you for your work with jMonkey.

I am testing the migration to jme3.1 and noticed something strange.

With jme3.0 to PhysicsSpace.setAccuracy(1f/110f) it brought very satisfactory results;

But with jme3.1, for this same configuration, collision detection always fails during the android game.

Are there any specific recommendations regarding the bullet engine when migrating?


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Hi guys,

I would like to register the workaround that I adopted.

I have done several tests and the JME3.1 bullet lib build does not really work properly for my game.

So I got the sources of the lib version used in JME3.0 and recompiled with the JME3.1 scripts. So I was able to get the new ABI.

“Voilà”, It worked completely!

It has proved stable and robust for my game so far.

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I think the android version needs a recompilation in 3.1, bindings changed a bit and there was a point where the build was broken, so i’m not sure if it is up to date.
I’ve built a script that automatically compile osx, windows and linux versions on travis but i’m not very familiar with compilation for android so i haven’t added the support yet.

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Hi Riccardo,

If memory does not fail me, I recompiled the version of the lib used in JME3.1 and it did not work.

So I did a regression test. I was compiling versions below to see if I could get a newer release. Unsuccessfully.

So the conclusion was that there was some change after the release used in JME3.0 that generated the problem.

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Mhh, well… i’ve updated bullet to the last version (2.86) anyway, I haven’t push the changes yet (i’m testing to be sure it’s working) when I’ll do it we’ll see if it works.

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